Joan Cox


Women of Myth, Legend and Irrefutable Morals
Rouse Foundation Gallery
Howard County Community College in Maryland
April 7 - May, 8, 2016
Press Coverage

Recent Work on Paper
15 E. Centre Street, Baltimore, MD
Ongoing 2016

WomensFEST art & photography exhibit
CAMP Rehoboth
April 1- 30, 2016

Silber Art Gallery, Goucher College in Maryland
Sept. 22 - Dec 8, 2013

You can view all of the work and installation photos of Taboo on the Baker Artist Award nomination website.


My work falls within the context of identity politics, with equal parts feminist agenda and lesbian narrative. I make paintings that are full of symbolic complexity and social relevance while also portraying women who are confident in their own sexuality. By taking the route of translating my own biography into a sort of composed fiction, I create works that present the viewer with images of intimate relationships between two women, acknowledging and emphasizing the female gaze.

I seek to overturn the ownership of the erotic gaze by empowering the female gaze in representative portraiture and narrative. What does a feminist erotics of visuality look like? What can it look like? I present lesbian women with the image of the tomboy but also with images of the femme and the gender-neutral. I attempt to validate the presence of dynamic, complex, sensual, sexual and loving relationships between women—making them less taboo. I am creating a visual history of an identity that is deeply personal, distinctly “other” and yet familiar.